Thoughts from a teacher-librarian

The discomfort of home

It’s amazing how one little change in your surroundings can throw you off.  My house itself is not changing at all; it still has my husband and son, my two energetic dogs, all my possessions.  It looks exactly the same, yet suddenly it feels different.  My neighbors are what’s changing.  After six years of being next door neighbors they are moving on due to a job change.  I feel a little bit sick.  I have seen their oldest grow up from a baby to a first grader.  Elle is so smart and such a perfectionist.  I have seen their second daughter, our godchild, growing up into an energetic, talkative three year old.  Adi is feisty, but so joyful and loving.  Being an only child, my son has totally bonded with their little girls; he is like a cousin to them.  Despite the age difference (he is 13) they play together in the yard regularly.  The for sale sign in the yard is a daily reminder of the looming move.  Part of home has come to mean living next door to them.  Our dogs play together, we have impromptu potluck meals on lazy days at home & swim together in our pool. We are like old time neighbors who actually do lend each other a cup of sugar when cooking.  We stand in our side yards talking way too long about not much at all.  We provide each other with therapy after family gatherings!  Friends are the family you choose, and part of my family is leaving home.  


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