Thoughts from a teacher-librarian

The summer recharge

I am lucky enough to work in a job that gives me some time off in the summer. When my son was little this was invaluable bonding time with him. I guarded my time off carefully and tried not to commit to very many activities for myself. Now that he’s older (and doesn’t care quite so much about spending tons of time with me) his perfect summer day is probably:

  • sleep until he wakes up without the alarm (anywhere from 10am-noon)
  • eat something and watch some TV
  • chat with friends via text or social media
  • play Minecraft
  • go to sports practice
  • take a swim
  • eat a whole lot more
  • watch TV before bedtime

On a good day he might get dressed and go hang out with friends for awhile. He is a bit of an introvert, so I think he craves some alone time each day. I try to give him some space and just let him be. I usually get him to fit a chore or two into his schedule. Sometimes he’ll accompany me on a few errands. Beyond providing him with food and occasional chit-chat, I am not an integral component of his day. This is his way of recharging. So now that my summer is not all about “Mommy time” what is on my agenda for recharging my battery?

Some old co-workers have asked me to play 9 holes of golf once a week. I am really not that good at golf, but I know if I play regularly I can get a little bit better. Plus, the good news is that none of these ladies is a golf pro either. (Sorry, people who have to play behind us!) None of us is totally caught up in the competitive aspect of the game. It’ll be good to be outdoors, in the sunshine, getting some exercise and chatting with some good friends.

I will be attending a national ISTE conference. I am so excited! I have always wanted to attend one of these; I’ve heard it is an amazing experience. I hope to get lots of good ideas to share with other library media specialists in my district. 

There are some days when I change out of PJs and into my swimsuit and coverup, then basically stay in them all day. Eventually I shower and put my PJs and robe back on. These are the days that I will not be leaving my house/yard. I aim for at least one day like this each week. There is something so blissful about puttering around the house, yard and pool area. Of course, I jump in for a swim occasionally. I am usually heard uttering, “This is the life,” several times during the course of days like this.

I will read some adult novels. It seems that during the school year I am immersed in children’s and young adult lit. I really enjoy it, but it will be nice to concentrate on a longer, more challenging text. I will visit the public library for some of these titles. I do love that place, and I don’t get there much during the school year.

I will go for daily walks with my husband. He works from home, and doesn’t always take a break away from his desk. I leave him alone for the most part, but last year we started the daily walk and both enjoyed it. Sometimes we take a dog along, other times not. We talk to each other about all sorts of things, away from the distractions of home.

Just typing about these things has made me feel more relaxed. I am smiling at my computer right now 🙂

Hang in there, school librarians! The countdown is on. I hope that your summer is full of whatever brings you joy.


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