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September state of mind

Wow!  September has been a whirlwind of activity.  I suppose that’s how all teachers feel.  Some highlights:

1.  The high school library is being remodeled, which is exciting & definitely something to look forward to.  The space was sadly outdated.  Hopefully it will be a beautiful, clean, creative space for students.  May is hum with activity in the near future.

2.  The local bookstore has again generously offered some author visits for our schools.  So far on the docket:  James Dashner will be visiting one of our elementary sites next week, and Heather Brewer will be visiting our high school in October.  We are so lucky to have a partnership with Books & Co. that helps us promote reading.

3.  My new schedule is proving to be a bit more manageable.  I still have 3 sites, but just changing up some of the days made a slight improvement to the craziness that is my job.

4.  My husband and I have been getting out and walking together after school a couple of times a week.  Now that he works from home & has a more flexible schedule, this is possible.  It’s good exercise and also therapeutic to talk about our days without interruptions from our 13 year old, our dogs, our phones, etc.

Some lowlights:

1.  Still at 3 schools…..still feel a bit like a gerbil on a wheel.  

2.  High school library is set up in a temporary space for now, with no end in sight.  Waiting is hard!  Also, not being able to provide enough computer space & work space for students is frustrating.  

I am trying to focus on the positives in my life, so that’s enough of the lowlights 🙂

Here’s to a productive year!  I’m off to finish an awesome book that I am almost done with, then log it on Goodreads.  Ahhh, reading…..the common denominator in all phases of my life.  It brings me comfort and joy.