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A new job on the horizon

After two years of being stretched way too thin and feeling stressed about being in front of a computer screen more than I’m in front of kids, I have finally made a job change. My old district was not going to change my job situation and I was feeling trapped. I got my resume together in the Spring and applied for a library media specialist position in a new school district and I got it! I originally intended to be at a single school site, but was offered a district level position. I guess with my diverse experience it’s hard to go back in time & just be in one school all day. In the Fall I’ll be commuting and working in a K-12 support position. I am so excited about a fresh start!! This district still has full-time LMS at most school sites, and I will be working with all of them in one way or another. It feels so good to have the next 8 weeks of summer stretching out before me and anticipation of a new job with new challenges ahead. I have time to relax and then start preparing for my new job site. Relax, refresh then start the year with renewed vigor for a job I love. Cheers to that!!