Thoughts from a teacher-librarian

A positive attitude

Oh, yes, it’s that time of year. Everyone is hearing about reductions and reassignments for the 2014-15 school year. Add in the horrible winter that just won’t quit here in the Midwest and people are quite cranky. How do we keep a positive attitude and keep doing our best work? I wish I had the magical answer. Here are some things that work for me:

1. Be a little bit silly. I know a giggle (or a belly laugh) can do wonders for me. By this time of the year I certainly know who I can go to when I need to be silly and have some laugh therapy. Find ways to spend more time with the gigglers in your life. 

2. Focus on one thing at a time and do it well, then move on to the next thing. It’s almost like wearing blinders. In my case, whenever possible, I throw on my headphones and crank some tunes while I work on my computer! This keeps external distractions in cubicle world to a minimum. I dig into something and keep plugging away at it.

3. Get inspired by someone else. I follow a lot of great people on Twitter. Some of them post negative things (we all need to vent) but the vast majority share exciting news, engaging class projects, motivating articles, etc. I love to spend a few minutes reading posts from fellow educators who are working their butts off and finding joy in that.

4. Learn something new. This naturally follows item #3, because when another teacher/librarian leads me to a great resource/tool, I just naturally want to explore it. I have so many test accounts in things that I had to start a list. Yes, it can be overwhelming at times, but when you find a real gem that you know will help students or teachers, that is so exciting!

5. Share your positive energy with someone else. E-mail, Facebook, Google+, Twitter…..whatever your tool of choice is, spread the word. Say something nice to someone, or share something that you know they will love. It may or may not be work related; just spread a little joy.

6. Get a really good night’s sleep. Yes, my mother was right, this really does make everything seem a little less bleak.

One of my favorite tips from the book The Happiness Project is to act the way you want to feel. When you act happy and do things like smile at others, greet them cheerfully, give them a compliment, etc. it really does start to make you feel happy. 

A little vitamin D supplement or a glass of wine after work doesn’t hurt either 😉

Peace & love, people. May your day be full of happy moments.



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